Howdy folks! I know it’s been far too long since I last wrote on my blog, but it’s Halloween, and the holidays (even Pagan ones) have a way of inspiring me to reflect on the past and write about it.

October has been a truly historic month for Greater Austin Urology. We saw a record number of patients and made a little money accordingly, which is always nice when you’re starting out. I performed my first robotic prostatectomy (with the expert assistance of my good friend, Dr. Sandeep Mistry). And we launched an innovative treatment for prostate cancer, HIFU (which stands for high-intensity focused ultrasound). Our first 2 patients were already out dancing and jogging less than a week after their surgery. If it’s as good as advertised from a cancer-cure standpoint, it will truly be a game-changer!

Most importantly, we have an entirely new team, with some familiar faces. Stacey Hardt is our new office manager. She worked with me in a similar capacity at my previous job, and for some strange reason, she was willing to take the plunge and do it again! Joining Stacey is my new nurse, Benny Reeve. He was my very first nurse at my previous job, and I watched him climb the ranks to become an RN. He has a regular job, but luckily for us, he was willing to help us out in clinic a couple of days a week.

Finally, this month was historic for others as well. Speaking of my previous employer, on the first day of this month, they announced plans for a $14 billion merger with the largest hospital system in the Houston area. Or was it an acquisition, in which case, who bought whom? Doesn’t matter. 14 years ago, another relic from the 19th century, K-mart, bought/merged with Sears in an $11 billion merger. And, wouldn’t you know it, this month they also made history, only this time it was by declaring bankruptcy. I guess bigger isn’t always better, especially when you don’t adapt to changes in your industry and take your employees and customers for granted, while your competitors and new industry disruptors continue to crush you on service and price.

Now that’s spooky scary- time to go trick-or-treating! Happy Halloween, everybody!

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