Everything is Awesome!!!

Lately, whenever I think about corporate medicine (or corporate anything, for that matter), I cannot help but think of that song from The Lego Movie.  “Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.”  As long as you go to work, do your job exactly like everyone else, and follow the instructions without questioning authority, everyone wins.  The only problem is that behind that perfect façade, “Lord Business” is plotting to unleash the “Kragle” on Taco Tuesday, but everyone is too focused on mindlessly doing their job during the day and watching “Where Are My Pants?” at night to see it coming.  At that point, your only hope is that “The Special” will come along with “The Piece of Resistance” to stop the Kragle and save the world.


Like all other underdogs, I completely identified with the protagonist Emmet- not because I’m “special”, but because like Emmet, I think differently than most people.  While everyone else is busy building practical things, I think about building the next double-decker couch, because to me it seems practical, and in the right setting, it can come in handy.  I have also never backed down from questioning authority whenever I didn’t think something was right.  So, despite my initial feelings to the contrary, maybe being at the top of the corporate ladder wasn’t the right place for me, because I didn’t like pretending and telling everyone below that everything was awesome, when I knew deep-down it really wasn’t.


That is not to say that I cannot be an effective leader.  A lot of the most successful organizations in the world (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Southwest Airlines, Tesla, to name a few) were led by forward-thinking leaders who thought differently than their competitors, and because of that they completely revolutionized their respective industries.  The key is to pick an industry in which there is an inherent problem that merits disruption, and lucky for me, the Healthcare Industry happens to be one of them.


So, if you will excuse me, I’ll be on the lookout for a group of similarly-minded “Master Builders” who will help me find “The Piece of Resistance” so that we can save our profession from “Lord Business.”  But first, I must find my pants. Until then, Happy Taco Tuesday, everyone!


By DiTore
March 06, 2018
I love a Revolution! Can't wait to watch yours.
Feedback on "Everything is Awesome"
By Dennis Tardan
March 06, 2018
Lucas, I totally agree that the Healthcare Industry is ripe for disruption and that you are great voice to call us out of the wilderness. There is an innovator that lies within each of us and is suppressed when we revere Lord Business as our sole idol. Yes, Lord Business must have a seat at the table and its voice and perspectives heard. However, it must not be the only voice that is listened to. Nice, comedy landing for the piece. -- Dennis

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