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  • Groundhog Day
    As many of you know, I like to write blogs on major holidays. Groundhog Day is certainly not one of them, but in this case, it is appropriate for what Read more
  • Are You Dealing With Urinary Incontinence?
    If you are dealing with some degree of urinary incontinence, you're not alone as this is a common issue. At Greater Austin Urology in Austin, TX, Dr. Lucas Jacomides helps Read more
  • Vision 2020
    As another year draws to a close, I usually like to pause and reflect on the past. We have endured minor nuisances and major existential threats to the practice, but Read more
  • Prostate Cancer: Symptoms and Treatments
    Men who are age 40 and older have a special health concern: prostate health. At Greater Austin Urology, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer ranks high on Dr. Lucas Jacomides' Read more
  • What are the Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement?
    Could those frequent nighttime bathroom trips be caused by prostate enlargement? As men get older, it’s actually quite common for many of them to deal with prostate enlargement (also referred Read more
  • HIFU success story
    Great article written by one of my HIFU patients! https://zerocancer.org/blog/how-i-stayed-on-track-thanks-to-hifu-treatment/ Read more
  • Game of Stones
    Kidney stones are a common problem that can affect people of all ages. There are a number of factors that can lead to kidney stones and increase an individual's risk Read more
  • Easter!
    It’s Easter Sunday, at least for most of the world. I’m Greek Orthodox, and our Easter is next week, so today is our Palm Sunday, which means tomorrow is Chocolate Read more
  • Christmas!
    As 2018 winds down next week, we will be reminded about what a terrible year this has been. To recap, we witnessed: Catastrophic hurricanes in North Carolina and Florida, and deadly Read more
  • Are You Dealing with Urinary Incontinence?
    Find out the treatment options we offer for handling bladder control issues. Experiencing problems with bladder control is very common and there are many things that could be causing this issue. Read more
  • Halloween!
    Howdy folks! I know it’s been far too long since I last wrote on my blog, but it’s Halloween, and the holidays (even Pagan ones) have a way of inspiring Read more
  • Treating Prostate Cancer
    According to the National Cancer Institute, there have been about 165,000 new cases of prostate cancer so far in 2018 alone. Though it is one of the most common cancers, Read more
  • What You Should Know About Kidney Stones
    According to the National Kidney Foundation, one in ten people will develop kidney stones at some point in their life, and the incidence of kidney stones continues to rise for Read more
  • Treating Urinary Incontinence
    Does urinary incontinence keep you from doing the things you really want to do? When you're constantly worried about urine leakage or accidents it's difficult to truly enjoy life. Luckily, an Read more
  • Roar!
    Howdy folks! I know, it's been a while since my last Blog, but I've been busy trying to Make Urology Greater Again. Plus, I've been searching for something meaningful and Read more
  • Everything is Awesome!!!
    Lately, whenever I think about corporate medicine (or corporate anything, for that matter), I cannot help but think of that song from The Lego Movie.  “Everything is awesome! Everything is Read more

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